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Amphibious Commercial Office Cleaning NYC works with clients in the New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx. Wherever you are in the area, allow us to take care of your commercial office cleaning and janitorial service needs, so you can focus on the greater things life has to offer.

We take a consultative approach with our clients to make sure we set the right expectations and that we deliver on our promise. Amphibious Commercial Office Cleaning NYC understands that every client is different. A high-rise downtown is not the same as a commercial building away from the city. That’s exactly why we set up our clients with customized plans that fit their needs and budget.

Technology That Makes Us Stand Out Among Office Cleaning Companies

Our constant innovation is what makes us the leading office cleaning service in New York City. We don’t just clean; we sanitize. Our tools and technology aren’t just good; they’re cutting-edge. In fact, through the superior technology we use, we are better able to manage quality control, time-keeping and task-scheduling systems, meaning better service for you.

Along those same lines, we use brand-new dusting cloths on every job to avoid bringing other people’s dust mites or allergens into your office.

We also use special vacuums. This combination allows us to work smarter and faster. We always look for ways to improve efficiency without ever sacrificing quality. Who would’ve thought you can apply science and process flows to a janitorial service? Amphibious Commercial Office Cleaning NYC does. Our expertise, certifications and technology are what allow us to take pride in delivering exceptional results.

NYC’s Office & Commercial Cleaning Experts

Amphibious Commercial Office Cleaning NYC is a premier commercial cleaning company where our priority is making sure you are 100 percent satisfied on every job. Whether you’re looking for a business cleaning company that has eco-friendly practices or the one that specializes in large spaces more than 10,000 square feet, we’re the solution.

We’re proud to be the professional cleaning company NYC facilities trust to deliver spotless cleaning time and time again! All of our team members are highly trained as well as passionate about making sure everything is gleaming. On top of that, we offer an eco-friendly option in which we use only green products and cleaning methods.

For the best in commercial cleaning companies, come to Amphibious Commercial Office Cleaning NYC. Choosing us is like hiring the most fastidious cleaner you know. Talk to the professionals at our commercial cleaning services company to learn more!

Our Cleaning Service Guarantee:

We believe there is always room for improvement. 
If you are not completely satisfied, we will happily return and clean whatever is in question free of charge.

When you want to work with the janitorial cleaning company that takes quality of service to the next level, call today!

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